Cortex™ CO2 Erbium YAG

The ULTIMATE Skin Resurfacing Work Station
The Cortex combines the two most popular wavelengths for skin resurfacing, CO2 and ER: YAG.

The CO2 laser can be used for deep resurfacing while the Erbium YAG laser is used for superficial rejuvenation. The Cortex laser provides patients with healthy, smooth and more youthful skin. The Cortex is the only laser that offers such flexibility, treating a wide variety of dermatologic indications and providing multiple treatment parameter options. Features include customizable fractional scanner, 150 – micron spot size for optimal dermal penetration and hearing, multiple bean patterns, densities and duration settings.

Having no consumables makes the Cortex a smart and must have laser choice. Affordable pricing provides physicians the ability to realize their return on investment in a short period of time.

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