iGrow® For Hair Rejuvenation

Have you noticed mild or even dramatic hair loss? Do you want to reverse it? If so you’re going to love our new iGrow Hair restoration system. Using LED technology, the iGrow stimulates increased blood and nutrient flow to the scalp. In so doing, the system encourages hair follicle activity and as a result the growth of new hair even in areas where it hasn’t grown in years. This method of hair restoration is pain-free, scar-free, and proven effective by years of laboratory research and clinical use by hair clinics around the world. But now, you can do it right at home while watching TV, reading, or doing just about any other activity. The iGrow is a helmet studded on the inside with laser beams that cover the entire head and are especially concentrated in those areas where hair loss generally occurs most. It even comes with iPod and MP3 compatible headphones so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while reversing hair loss. Now that’s music to your ears! Ask us about the iGrow for home use or for in-office procedures. LEARN MORE

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