Mini Face Lift

The face undergoes changes over time in its deep structures. There is a downward descent of the facial fat and skin. As the jaw line, and in the neck. Changes in the neck and eyes also occur, including the accumulation of fat and loose skin, as well as a loss of crisp facial angles. Muscles weaken, contributing to an aged, tired appearance. Since the signs of aging are caused by changes in the deep structures of the face, reversing those changes should be the surgeon’s priority in restoring a more youthful look. By repairing muscles and restoring the underlying structures which give each face its unique identity, patients can achieve a refreshed look without exaggerated skin tightness.

Contrary to popular belief, a face lift does not get rid of skin wrinkles. While the facial skin is re-draped and tightened, the procedure cannot eliminate skin imperfections. Tight pulling of the skin will not smooth out acne scars, wrinkles or hollows. It will only place undue tension on the skin and distort facial features. Skin treatments such microdermabrasion or laser resurfacing improve skin quality and can be performed before or after a face lift.

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