Visia© Complexion Analysis

Looking in the mirror only reveals those skin flaws visible to the naked eye. Add to that uneven lighting and shadows and the result is very flawed portrait of the true condition your skin is in. To achieve an accurate portrayal, and one that goes much further than skin deep, we employ the Visia© Complexion Analysis system. A photo booth for your face, with multiple strategically positioned lights and magnifying lenses, as well as cameras that can capture features a human eye can never detect, Visia © analyzes eight different aspects of the skin to provide the patient and the doctor with valuable insight on how to rejuvenate it.

Visia© analyzes eight different skin features:

UV Spots
Photo Damage

The system then compares your results with those of individuals your age and gives a customized report with the photographs and the doctor’s advice such as products, procedures, etc, to improve the skin condition. After the treatment a second Visia© session is done to compare the results and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

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