Your V I S I A Experience

By Dr. Levit

Science fiction has just become a tangible reality.

New technology under the supervision of Dr. Eyal Levit can help analyze the health of your skin, pointing to the areas of early microscopic degeneration, and weakness in the skin structure.

The prompt elucidation helps repair the damage, leading to healthier, more attractive skin.

Having weaknesses is natural. Ignoring them is foolish. Help us help you.

We will gladly discuss more extensively each of the following below.

Spots – freckles, acne spots, hyper-pigment, brown or red skin lesions, they are visible.

Wrinkles – folds or creases – result of sun exposure; are associated with decreasing skin elasticity.

Texture – analysis of skin smoothness – measures skin color on skin surface

Peaks = yellow

Valleys = blue

Pores – circular surface openings of sweat gland duct.

UV Imaging – reveals features not visible in normal light

UV Spots – below the skin surface as a result of sun damage invisible under normal light

Porphyrius – bacterial secretions

RBX Imaging – is used to detect sub-surface skin details. Allows to see both red and brown skin conditions.

Brown Spots – areas of high melanin(pigment) concentration

Red Areas – blood, or hemoglobin

Age Simulation – Slide control allows you to simulate the effect of aging

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