Acne Laser

Laser technology has dramatically changed the dermatology field. Today we have laser treatment options for everything from fine lines and wrinkles to age spots to acne.
Acne laser treatments can help treat active acne as well as help with deep acne scars. Using different lasers and different procedures, the team at Levit Dermatology can treat acne-prone skin with long term results.

Laser Acne Removal

If you face ongoing acne issues, an acne laser treatment might be a great option to add to your overall treatment plan. In combination with other acne medication or treatments, laser acne removal can significantly reduce active acne.
The acne laser treatment works by targeting both bacteria and inflammation. Depends on the problem, we are using different types of lasers that help to get better results during the procedure and kill off harmful acne-causing bacteria and also reduce skin inflammation that causes excess oil production.

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Even if you don’t currently have acne issues, an acne laser treatment still might help enhance your skin.
The vast majority of acne-prone people are left with residual scarring, even years after they have cleared up their skin. This factor can be demoralizing and a reminder of much more painful acne-prone years.
The laser treatment that we offer at Levit Dermatology for acne scars specifically targets the scar tissue. During the laser procedure, we brake up the scar tissue, and new healthy skin cells can grow back instead.
Please contact our office at 718-375-7546 to schedule a free consultation. One of our dermatologists will exam your skin and help to choose the right number of the sessions. While the laser treatment might never altogether remove the scars, with multiple procedures, you can drastically reduce the appearance of the acne scars.