Computerized Skin Analysis

The Visia Computerized Skin analysis is used to help maintain and/or improve the health and appearance of your skin. Visia will allow the patient as well as the therapist to visualize the smallest amounts of skin damage and provide a personalized plan of how to treat the skin. In addition, Visia Computerized Skin analysis is repeated in order to have an objective analysis of the future of the health of your skin.

How it works

The Visia computerized skin analysis will begin by scanning the skin and recording all of the patients surface and sub surface conditions. The system will take two different digital images of the skin; a natural image as well as a ultra violet image. Both of these pictures will then be compared to those in a database that match individuals of the patients sex, age and ethnicity. After these comparisons are complete, Visia will generate a report that the patient will review with a therapist.


The Visia Computerized Skin analysis is extremely beneficial to everyone. Once the patients results are revealed a Therapist will review with the patient what types of treatments they will need in order to improve, preserve and/or prevent further decline of their appearance. The patient will also be sent home with a comprehensive report of their skin analysis for further analysis. This type of treatment enhances communication and will also allow for patient decision making.

What to expect

The Visia Computerized Skin Analysis will unveil many different skin conditions such as spots, wrinkles, pores, evenness, porphyrins (bacteria in pores) as well as UV spots (surface sun damage). Visia will also help the patient to identify what exactly their skin is lacking. Patients will also expect to get a comprehensive analysis of what steps they will need to take in order to keep their skin healthy.