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Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting.

Body Sculpting services offered in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY

Are you troubled by lingering fatty deposits that refuse to respond to your diet and exercise efforts? Body sculpting can help and is available at Levit Dermatology in the Manhattan Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, under the care of Eyal Levit, MD. 

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting is a term that refers to various procedures that eliminate fat cells. Nonsurgical body sculpting relies on hot or cold temperatures, ultrasound technology, or electro-muscular stimulation to destroy fat cells or stimulate new muscle development.  These treatments are a great way to refine your weight loss or fitness results and can often improve areas that don’t respond well to diet or exercise. Patients should note that body sculpting is not an effective weight loss approach. 

What are some body sculpting options?


This option uses extremely cold temperatures to damage a portion of targeted fat cells without harming the surface of your skin. Treatment areas include the thighs, abdomen, back, buttocks, upper arms, and beneath the chin.

SmartLipo MPX™

This platform uses laser energy to create warmth in the deeper layers of skin, damaging a portion of targeted fat cells and eliminating their ability to store fat. The system also helps tighten skin to further refine results. 

Venus Freeze™

This treatment combines multi-polar radio frequency energy and pulsed electromagnetic fields to create heat in the deeper layers of the skin, prompting new collagen and elastin production. This is a good treatment approach for contouring the face and neck areas. 


This option uses ultrasound technology to lift and tighten the skin on your brow, neck, and chin. The platform uses micro-focused ultrasound to create a thermal effect, stimulating new tissue development that tightens the skin. 

How long do body sculpting procedures last?

Treatments that eliminate fat cells will destroy those cells permanently. However, your remaining fat cells can still expand and contract to accommodate more or less fat. That means you can alter your results by gaining or losing weight after treatment. 

Skin tightening yields lasting results, however, your skin will continue to respond to the demands of time. As the years pass, expect to see a gradual diminishing of results. You can always schedule a new round of treatment sessions to extend skin-tightening results. 

Your Levit Dermatology practitioner can help you explore these and other options to find the right fit for your goals. When you’re ready to learn more, call us at 718-375-7546 to schedule a visit.