Our Practice

Our practice specializes in rejuvenating and protecting the skin from aging and skin cancer as well as in facial and body reconstruction and rejuvenation.

In general, the waiting time for the cosmetic consultation and procedure is less than one week for non-invasive procedures (CoolSculpting, Ultherapy, Venus Freeze, Botox, Fillers, Fat Transfer, Sclerotherapy, Age Spots, Face Resurfacing, Laser Hair Removal, etc.) and one month for invasive procedures (Face Lift, Blepharoplasty, Face and Body Liposuction).

In the rare event if you are informed otherwise by our office staff, a call to or a message left onto our dedicated cosmetic line can expedite the visit. Ask to be transferred to it or select it from the menu options offered during your call to our office.


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The consultation costs $65 and in the event you have the procedure done or book it the same day this amount is removed from the final fees of the procedure.

As you get your consultation, you are bound to appreciate the professionalism, honesty, and meticulous care to details that Dr. Levit brings to his cosmetic consultation and treatment.

For your convenience, often the consultation and cosmetic procedure can be performed on the same day, if desired by you and deemed appropriate by Dr. Levit.

A List of our prices is available at the Receptionist and can be given to you over the phone. If you would like to speak to our Cosmetic Coordinator who may answer more specifically your questions, please choose it on the menu options during your phone call. If she is not available, please leave a message and she will call you back.

When shopping around for procedures if the price appears too good to be true… often it is. Beware of bargain prices.