This FDA approved medication has been used by Dr. Levit since 1999 for smoothing out wrinkles and reducing excessive sweating in both men & women. Botox® can improve the appearance of lines on the forehead, glabella (frown lines), around the eyes (smile lines), around the mouth, chin and nose. Dr. Levit has also used Botox® to reshape the eyebrows, giving a more youthful and open appearance to the eyes. The misconception that Botox® can give a person an expressionless appearance stems from past treatments that centered on the elimination of all mimetic (movement) wrinkles.


Dr. Levit uses Botox® from the only FDA approved manufacturer: Allergen. It is diluted according to the parameters recommended by the leading world experts in Botox® injections. Some of the side effects reported around the country stemmed from untrained people and/or people using cheap, non FDA approved Botox®.


Botox® lasts for 3 months after the 1st injection and then 4 months thereafter. Patients may occasionally report it lasting 6 months, it doesn’t (the patients simply sees the wrinkles return in 6 months but the Botox® effect has disappeared a few months earlier).

One of the reasons some patients report the Botox® did not last the expected 3-4 months is that it may have been too dilute (more water added into the bottle) or not fresh.


Dr. Levit is recognized by allergen as an approved cosmetic Botox® injector. As part of his responsibilities as Director of Cosmetic & Dermatologic Surgery at Columbia University, St. Lukes’ Hospital, he also trains other physicians in the proper use of Botox® Cosmetic.


Beware of bargain prices! If it seems too good to be true: it probably IS! Dr. Levit offers reasonable prices that are lower than most in Manhattan, NJ, & Long Island because of his location.

Dr. Levit can use Botox® either to eliminate your kinetic wrinkles or to soften them at the same time preventing their worsening in a way that will give you a restful yet natural (non-”plastic”) look.