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Brow Lift

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It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Whether or not you believe that, it is true that our eyes, and eye area, are one of the first things other people notice about us. That being said if you are starting to see furrow lines or sagging eyebrows, it can be unsettling.

Brow Lift QA

Furrow lines between the eyebrows are often some of the earliest wrinkles to appear on the face. They can also become quite deep. A sagging brow line can cause you to look tired, sad, and even angry. Thankfully, there are options to fix both of these issues.

Botox Eyebrow Lift:

If you are starting to see the effects of deep furrow lines or a sagging brow, a Botox eyebrow lift might be the perfect solution, and this is a safe, fast, and non-surgical option.

While Botox doesn’t actually lift the eyebrow, it can help improve the appearance of the area by targeting the muscles that pull your eyebrow down. These are the orbicularis oculi and the corrugator muscles.

Eyebrow Lift Surgery:

While Botox is an excellent option for some patients, others will need a surgical brow lift to fix it truly. Botox can’t help if the muscles that help lift your brow – the frontalis muscles – are already too weak to do their job. With an eyebrow lift surgery, the brow lift will be achieved by physically lifting and pulling back the muscles and tissues of your face. An eyebrow lift surgery can help lift the brows and improve the appearance of the forehead and the broader area around the eyes.


If you are considering an eyebrow lift:

The first thing you need to do if you are considering an eyebrow lift is to talk to a qualified dermatologist or surgeon. At Levit Dermatology, we can review your case and help you determine which brow lift option is best for you.