Facial Masks

Facial masks are trending today and for a good reason. Using masks is a great way to pamper yourself and relax, but they can also be fantastic for your skin.
Using a mask for your face allows you to get all those beautiful skin ingredients deep into your pores. Facial masks let your skin soak up more of the skin-enhancing products, with less waste.
Facial masks can be applied at home or in a clinic setting. At Levit Dermatology, we offer face mask treatments in-office. We are also happy to help you find the perfect at-home product based on your skin type and needs.

Using a Mask for Face Skin Issues

Face masks can produce surprisingly impressive results. This result is in large part due to the specialized medical-grade formulas available.
Many facial masks are designed to treat specific issues and customized to match particular skin types; using a mask for face issues can help improve your results with targeted treatment.
Some common issues facial masks can help treat are fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sensitive or inflamed skin, acne, or overall dullness. Most face masks also help brighten and firm the skin as well.

When and How Often Should I Use Facial Masks?

A facial mask can become a regular, weekly part of your routine. At-home masks are a great way to practice a bit of self-care while enhancing your appearance.
Getting regular professional facials is also a great way to enhance your results. At Levit Dermatology, we offer clients advanced skincare options with immediate results. Beyond that, though, regular facial mask treatments are a great way to protect and improve your skin for years to come.